Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses Staff Review!

Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses Staff Review

In this review we are going to look at a portable bright light therapy solution that has been proven to work and without any side effects, the Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses.

These Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses were developed by a Belgium company who are stringent regarding health and safety. Many Doctors and health care specialists are recommending Luminette 2 glasses to their patients.

Who would benefit from the Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses?

Those who suffer with SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder].

In the winter months when the days are short and dark and the weather can be harsh it could trigger strong depressing feelings for many individuals. These could consist of clinical depression, lethargy or just a basic fogginess. A brief session making use of the Luminette 2 glasses in the morning, will certainly assist you to feel the wellness and vigor you experience in the summer time.

Those who experience Sleep Disorders or do Shift work

If you have problems getting into a normal sleep cycle light therapy will certainly be beneficial. If you have a or delayed rest cycle your luminettes will certainly aid you in adapting to a regular cycle.

What’s Includes in the Box

1 pair of Luminette Glasses

protective case

Micro USB

Plug Charger

lens cleaning cloth

Instruction manual

Features of the Luminette 2 Glasses

The main advantage that the Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses have over other light therapy options is that they are totally portable. We wouldn’t suggest wearing them outdoors as you will look a little peculiar but wearing them indoors you can follow your usual morning routine easily. You could easily wear them at work though you might get a few comments from your work colleagues!

Users reported getting up and brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, reading, using their laptops and meditating wearing their Luminette 2 glasses.

This is a big time saver, instead of having to sit in front of a light therapy box every morning you can get on with your routine, for the time conscious person who suffers from SAD or sleep disorders this will justify the extra cost you will pay for this portable option.

It is important with light therapy that it is regular to make a difference to your wellness. This is another advantage over a light therapy box as it is very easy to miss a session if you are running late in the morning and don’t have 30 minutes to spare. With the Luminette just slip them on as soon as you get up and by the time you’ve brushed your teeth, had breakfast and dressed you will have come to the end of your session.

Even if you wear glasses or contact lenses you can still wear your Luminette without having to remove them.

You should use these glasses every day to get the best from them. You can choose from 3 different intensities of blue-enriched white light.

The lowest intensity 500 lux last a duration of 45 minutes, medium is 1,000 lux at 30 minutes and the highest setting is 1500 lux for a 20 minutes session.

An independent clinical trial carried out claims that one of these 20-45 minute sessions has the same benefits as an 10,000 lux light therapy lamp.

What other users are saying

We have found that most of the users online who tried these glasses found them extremely beneficial and a great natural way of solving their SAD and sleep issues. They reported increased energy and an overall mood improvements. Some said that they felt a positive difference in just one session of use while others said that it could take up to a week to notice any changes.

Those who had issues with the glasses were mainly due to technical issues mainly with the charger. The customer support seems to be fairly good and has replaced faulty products promptly.

Some customers stated that they thought the product was a little expensive for what it was but others said it was worth buying for its easy portability and for the effect it had on their health.


The Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses are a convenient, lightweight and portable light therapy option that appears to work well and should have no effect on your daily routine. The downside would be that it is fairly pricey though depending upon how severe your SAD or sleep disorder is the price may be worth it. It gets positive reviews from both users and health professionals so is a tried and tested option.

Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses