Muse by Toniiq Brain Booster Supplement Pills Review!

In the last couple of years Nootropics or Smart Drugs have become increasingly popular. Don’t worry there is nothing illegal or dangerous about these supplements. Usually there are natural products and side effect free. They are usually used to improve energy, boost memory and improve other cognitive functions.

Muse by Toniiq is an effective Nootropic supplement that can be taken to improve focus and increase overall energy.

Muse is perfectly safe to take it isorganic, gluten free. If you have allergies this should be fine as well as it contains no peanuts, wheat, corn, shellfish, eggs, wheat or Soy ingredients.

It is also manufactured in the USA in a facility registered with the FDA.

What does Muse Contain?

Yerba Mate Caffeine – This is a coffee alternative that is produced from leaves of a South American tree. It has less caffeine than coffee and many find that it doesn’t result in the ‘crash’ that can happen when drinking regular coffee.

Ashwagandha – Is an herb that is commonly used in traditional Ayurveda medicine it is know for calming anxiety and reducing stress.

Rhodiola – Is what is known as an adaptogenic herb these type of herbs help your body adapt to the stresses of everyday life. Rhodiola is known for not only relieving stress but its energy boosting properties as well.

Citicoline – helps with brain function and anxiety and often is used in age related brain degenatrive diseases.

B12- has many benefits chiefly in maintaining nerve cell health and energy metabolism.

This potent mixture of ingredients makes an excellent tonic for brain boosting functionality.

Who would benefit from Muse Brain Booster Supplement Pills?

Many of the early adopters of smart drugs and Nootropics were students. From reading online reviews Muse seems very popular with those studying for exams especially for its memory enhancing effects and increased focus.

Brain boosters like Muse have now become more mainstream and we have noticed a lot of busy Moms online reporting how useful for boosting energy Muse has been.

For those who have been relying on coffee or other caffeinated energy drinks and have had enough of jiggers and crashes then Muse’s calm but energetic effect could be a welcome relief. If you are a big coffee drinker and feel you need to cut down then this could be a good alternative.

Really this will be a supplement worth taking for anybody that often wakes up with brain fog

or has trouble staying focused and energized throughout the day.


While there are many Nootropics available online that promise enhanced cognitive functionally and energy and memory improvement Muse for most users does work. There seems to be no side effects and it gives a smooth energy boost with no spikes.

While it doesn’t validate the benefits of the product the packaging is really nice, with a useful tin. Toniiq have obviously put a lot of work into not only sourcing ethical ingredients but producing an aesthetically pleasing package as well.

The supplement is inexpensive to try out as it comes in a 30 pill package, so if it doesn’t work for you then it didn’t cost a lot to give it a shot.


Some users tried the supplement and found that it had no effect and didn’t benefit them in anyway. This is common to most supplements they will not work for all users. What was also noticed was that the users that Muse didn’t work for also had no side effects using it.

We did mention before that the supplement in its 30 pill package was inexpensive enough to see if it did product positive effects but the negative to this is that you run out pills quickly, especially if you are taking a couple of pills a day.


With the majority of positive reviews, the lack of side effects and the low cost to start using it this would be a good first dive into the world of Nootropics or Smart Drugs. Toniiq has done a good job in sourcing ethical and natural ingredients and this is suitable for vegans or those with allergies. Once you try this supplement you will ditch those nasty energy drinks and never go back!

Muse by Toniiq Brain Booster Supplement Pills