Spire Stone Biofeedback Device Review!

Spire Stone Biofeedback Device Review!

There are many fitness wearables on the market that aid you with your fitness, they track, analyse and offer feedback and tips to help you reach your goals. They are useful devices especially if you are a sporty person.

While the Spire Stone has been compared to other wearable fitness devices such as Fitbit we feel this is a poor comparison as its primary use serves a whole different function and currently is the only wearable that does this. Even though it offers a pedometer, calories used and lets you know if you are not active enough it is the stress Management aspect of this device that really makes it unique and of much more use as an overall wellness device.

The Spire Stone is a great looking and unobtrusive device that is comfortable to wear. It is shipped with a wireless charger once the Spire Stone is charged it should last up to 10 days. the Device works with both Android and iOS devices.

The Spire Stone is also water resistant so dropping it in the bath or in a puddle is one less thing to get stressed about!

Who is the Spire Stone useful for?

While many health conscious people are interested in monitoring their diet, fitness and sleep patterns, they don’t factor in how stress and erratic breathing patterns can also impact their health in a major way.

Without a doubt this is a really useful tool for those who suffer from anxiety or stress or have high blood pressure and cortisol levels.

But you would be surprised how many of us are subjected to minor stressors throughout the day affecting your health with you being hardly aware of it. Some of us also have breathing issues that we don’t notice, shallow breathing and breath holding are two common habits that some people don’t even know that they are doing.

So if you are interested in monitoring you state of mind then this could be a piece of wearable tech that would ideal.

Features and functionality

As mentioned the primary feature of the Spire Stone is to monitor your respiration and how you are breathing. It will monitor how calm and stressed you are throughout the day. You will discover when and what stresses you, it will also tell you when you are breathing shallow or holding your breath. For instance you might notice that you hold your breath more when watching TV. You might find that certain times of the day give you more stress.

Once you are able to monitor these stressors you will be able to be mindful of what triggers them and work on calming your breathing and tension.

Included with the App are ‘Boosters’ these are guided meditations that have been proved very effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

The spire stone also functions as an activity tracker so for those who want to measure their daily steps or calorie intake the device covers this. For those who sit at a desk all day it will give you reminders to get up and move.

While the Spire Stone is being proved as a life changing device for many it is by no means perfect.

There have been issues with the device not charging or syncing properly but to be fair Spire Stone does seem to have a very good customer service and if you do have issues with the device they are quick to replace it.

You do need to have your iOs or Android phone close at hand as it needs to sync with the device every 6 hours to so it does not lose data. For those who don’t always keep their phone near them this could be a problem.

Another thing to take into account as pointed out by some users is that during some strenuous activities it might wrongly indicate that you are stressed due to the change in your respiration rate. We would suggest removing it at these times.


This sort of Biofeedback tech will appear more and more on the market but Spire Stone are the first to market and are doing a good job with regular updates. While there are a few technical issues in some cases that are being ironed out the majority of users owning a Spire Stone are reporting life changing results.

If you are looking for a cutting edge tool to remove stress and anxiety from your life help you breath correctly or lower blood pressure and cortisol levels then the Spire Stone is worth a try.


Spire Stone Biofeedback Device