UPRIGHT GO Smart Wearable Posture Trainer Review!

It used to be that back-pain was usually caused by injuries or lifting objects incorrectly and was an ‘older persons’ physical ailment. These days it is more likely to be caused by poor posture as we stoop over our mobile devices or slouch all day at a computer screen. Most of the time we don’t even realize that we are doing it and it is only when the pain and discomfort kicks in that we take notice. Sometimes it even takes a friend or relative to notice our poor posture and comment on how bad it looks.

Good posture not only makes us feel healthier and stronger it improves confidence and can improve other health functions.

Many people who realise that poor posture is doing them harm resort to posture braces and correctors. Sometimes these can work but often not, they also can be painful and unsightly and not suitable to wear outside of the home. You may have already tried chiropractors, Standing Desks, massage machines or other ways to improve your back or neck health with little success.

Upright Go is a Kickstarter project that is now sold online in stores like Amazon. It is an unobtrusive wearable device that lets you know when you are slouching and and trains you to correct your posture. It gives you feedback and progress reports and a personalized training program via an App that you can download to your iOS or Android device.

What’s Included;

Upright Go Posture Device

Travel Case

USB Cable for Charging the Device

5 Reusuable adhesives to attach the device to your back

Instruction Manual

Smart Device App

Features & Functions

The device is easy to use it just attaches to your back using the adhesive and lets you know when you are slouching or have poor posture. The vibration can be set for difference lengths of time and you can also set the sensitivity levels.

The Upright Go can be set for training or tracking mode. The training mode vibrates and buzzes to let you know when you are slouching. The tracking mode does just that it tracks your progress and gives you feedback on the app.

Some users described it as very sensitive and that it vibrated to indicate poor posture when for instance they were bending down to tie their shoes. We would suggest that the training mode is used daily for a specific length of time and then set it to tracking mode.

What users did notice was that once they had built up a regular habit with the device even when they weren’t using it they got in the habit of correcting their posture automatically.

The Upright Go is very compact and lightweight so is portable enough to be carried in a bag or purse when not in use.

What other Users are Saying

The Upright Go is getting some good reviews online with many users seeing results within 2 weeks to a month, like weight loss this is not a quick fix but a lifestyle change that is made easier by the device. Reviewers are commenting how it has made great improvements on their posture and back pain and are recommending it over other backpain/posture devices. The Upright Go is described as easy to set up and use and a great idea that actually works

There have been some negative feedback but this is usually because the user has not taken the time to read the user manual. The main issue seemed to be with the sticky adhesive patches that attach the device to your back. While some users reported using the patches for between 7 days and 3 weeks others said that they didn’t stay stuck or only lasted one session. There are instructions on how to care for the patches in the user manual and we wonder if the issue is with customers not reading the instructions. It could also be that different people have different skin types some more oily than others.

Customer service support is very good and there are regular updates of the app from Upright Go.


With positive feedback from those who have taken the time to use the Upright Go device and app and make it a habit we think the price justifies the health benefits. Many of the posture correctors on the market can not only be uncomfortable to wear and impractical, they also make many users reliant on the back brace instead of addressing the issue and correcting the habit.

UPRIGHT GO Smart Wearable Posture Trainer